Workplace Stress Reduction Services That Can Help You Succeed

Vetony Enterprises specializes in an array of workplace stress reduction services for corporate, small business, nonprofit, and professional sports organizations. Dr. Campbell is an experienced psychologist with a demonstrated history of success working in multiple industries, including academics, small business, nonprofit, wellness, and sports. She is skilled in the areas of higher education, corporate stress management, sports psychology, consulting, philanthropy, and boards of directors. She is also deeply committed to women's leadership and mentorship and offers extensive services specific to that area.

Executive Leadership Stress Reduction

Her executive leadership stress services provide individual coaching to help executives cope with increased workplace demands. This workplace stress reduction service can include navigation of organizational bureaucracy, professional development of employees, maintenance of business relationships, as well as maintaining a healthy work-life integration.

Transition Management

In this capacity, she will work with individuals to assess changing roles and second careers within professional sectors. She will also facilitate strategies for positive adjustment during the process of change and develop skill sets to promote effective transitions.

Organizational Wellness 

Organizations can benefit from developing preventive stress management strategies to enhance workplace wellbeing, organizational climate, and strengthen human capital and performance.

Public Speaking

Dr. Campbell offers customized motivational speaking engagements, can act as a conference facilitator, or as a keynote speaker. Some of the speaking engagements topics she provides to her clients include:

  • Stress Management
  • Thriving in a Remote Work Environment
  • Change Management
  • Burnout